City of Sigourney
Douglas Glandon
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100 North Main Street
Sigourney, Iowa 52591
Phone: 641-622-3080
We"ve Moved......  to the "old Corner Drug" location/Pamida

As mayor, I want to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my home town of Sigourney! Like many of the local residents, I have spent most of my life here. Oftentimes today’s youth leave for a short time to see the world but quickly return as it’s true “there’s no place like home”.

Founded in 1844 and named after poetess Lydia Sigourney, Sigourney offers a relaxed and friendly way of life. We are conveniently located 55 miles from Iowa City, 25 miles from Oskaloosa and 30 miles from Ottumwa (five hours from Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City).

Sigourney offers all the amenities found n larger communities – a grocery store, convenience stores, specialty shops, health care resources, car repair, schools for K-12, and churches of all denominations – the list goes on. You will find many generations of families living in Sigourney as our youth return to raise their families in a community which supports and takes care of each other.
We are the ideal bedroom community for individuals seeing refuge from today’s fast paced lifestyle in a setting which is surrounded by farmland and rolling landscape, is complete with old-fashioned values, and is committed to education, growth and industry.

Whether you come for the day, or come to stay, we are confident you will see Sigourney as we do – a place to visit, to live, to work, to organize, to play, to heal, to learn, to eat, to sightsee, to shop, to relax…to call home.

Come visit us!

Pat Miletich
Mayor of Sigourney