C.B. City/SADC Grant


March 2017

Dear Sigourney Business Owner,

The purpose of the CBGP is to make available grant funds to encourage the physical improvement and appearance of the Sigourney business areas and business properties.

An individual, business, public or non-profit entity may apply for the grant funds.

Applicants may apply for any amount up to $3,000.00Home based businesses may apply for funding up to $500.  Grant funds may be used by applicants for any lawful purpose to build, repair or renovate area business properties; with priority around the City square and the 92/149 corridor.

Projects approved will be graded based on: Improvement in frontage appearance, injection of matching or own funds, improvement in customer service, amount of grant funds received in previous applications, total cost of project and membership in SADC.  Roofing and floor projects are at low priority.  Funds will not be awarded to pay for normal business operating expenses and overhead

Applications and supporting request documentation need to be submitted to the SADC office by Noon, April 13th, 2017 to be considered for this year’s funding.

Announcement of grant recipients will be announced by May 2017

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Amber Kephart, Chairperson

SADC Community Betterment