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At Lifetime Dental Solutions our philosophy is simple. We believe in always doing what is best for our patients. We will always put their needs first, ultimately saving our patients time and money, while moving them toward exceptional oral health. Whether coming to us for routine treatments or extensive dental reconstruction, our patients can have confidence in the level of detail that our doctors and entire staff put into every appointment and procedure.

It all starts by caring enough about the patient to listen closely to their concerns, and then implementing their chosen treatment. Like most of us, Dr. Rohloff, Dr. Adam and Dr. Friese have families of their own and understand the importance of having their loved ones taken care of by professionals who are focused on delivering excellence in every procedure they do.

Our philosophy is simple. We will always do what's best for our patients and put their needs first ultimately saving you both time and money, while improving your overall oral health.

Have a dental question or concern? Ask one of our doctors. We're always happy to help.