SADC Board Members
*Non-voting  Sigourney Area Development Board Directors  TERM
*Dave Harper  Superintendent of Sigourney School District  *
Tom Bates  President - County State Bank  2018
Amber Kephart News Review  2018
Larry Faber MidWestOne Bank   2018
Rick Landgrebe  Manager Brothers Market  2019
Jodi Greiner MidWestOne Bank 2020
Jeff Graff  Sigourney Tractor  2018
Mick Berg  Keokuk County Board of Supervisors  *
Nick Hammes  T.I. P. Rural Electric Cooperative  *
Lucas Meier  County State Bank - President of SADC  2020
Mark Seeley Seeley Construction 2018
Doug Glandon  Mayor of Sigourney *
Casey Thompson  Keokuk County Ambulance Service  2018
Brandi Wehr Self Employed  2019
Jim Dickinson  Executive Director of SADC  *
Judy Frank  Administrative Assistant/Treasurer  2019
Norman  Atwood  Atwood Electric  2020
Dan O'Rourke County State Bank  *
Mallary Snakenberg Feathered Farm House  2020
Katharinna Bain Keokuk County Extension 2019
Dirk Alspach Ministrial Alliance *