Virtual Spec Building


Virtual Spec Building
Keokuk County
Sigourney, Iowa

For more information on the Virtual Spec Building shown below and how we can help you locate to Sigourney Iowa please contact:

Sigourney Area Development Corporation
112 East Washington Street
Sigourney, Iowa 52591
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Overview of Site Readiness

Basis of Summary: Owner provided information and site review

The strength of the Sigourney site includes location to Iowa Highway 2 and East SADC Avenue in conjunction with existing infrastructure. It is difficult to define a weakness based on the targeted use of light manufacturing; however the lack of Phase 1 Environmental Review and lack of geotechnical information will hurt marketability. If these items are completed, it could be considered for shovel ready. Adjacent business and land use will compliment the targeted use of light industry.

Overview of Site Infrastructure

Basis of Summary: Owner provided information and site review

The Sigourney development site is located on the south side of East SADC Avenue at the southeast corner of the community. The property is within the City limits. Contiguous develop-able acres are 14.65. The current land use is agriculture. Terrain is rolling to hilly.

The site does have access to water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, natural gas, electricity, telecommunication and solid waste. The site is zoned B2 – Business District. The City currently uses the International Building Code. There are restrictive covenants a:ached to the parcel.

SADC indicates the site is served by natural gas though no obvious warning location signs were identified. There is redundant 3-phase electrical to the site.

The site has capacity for domestic water use with approximately 92 psi at the site. A sewer main runs along the south side of East SADC Avenue. System capacity is available for the targeted use

Based on information provided, the site does not appear to lie within any mapped flood plain. Adequate slope exists to discharge on-site storm water to the south and to the west. The north portion of the site appears to be the primary location for development. No local on-site storm water regulations exist within the development.

No information has been provided regarding archeology, endangered species, seismic zone, soils or depth to groundwater.

As a final point of reference for the infrastructure overview, Sigourney Area Development Corporation is strongly encouraged to complete a Phase 1 Environmental Review and geotechnical exploration.

Building Description

The proposed building is based on a design utilizing a standard preengineered metal frame to create the shell. The design as presented, offers 40,000 gross square feet with 34,100 square feet allocated to production or warehousing and 5,900 square feet allocated to office functions. The minimum end wall height is 30’ with a single-sloped roof to the side of the building planned for easy expansion of the building that still provides for proper water drainage. The proposed design has been developed for an assumed addition of up to 40,000 square feet resulting in a maximum facility of 80,000 gross square feet.

Proposed exterior finishes include a combination of materials with a focus on a look of quality and simplicity while still being sensitive to constructibility issues and budget. The overall size and mass of the building has been scaled down through simple yet well-defined architectural elements that make this structure attractive with a style that will not date itself over time. Exterior finishes include a combination of metal paneling,stucco, brick and split-face block. All materials are low maintenance and should provide decades of use with no appreciable deterioration.

Interior finishes have not been shown and will be customized to your specific needs during the construction document phase of your project. However, the office space of 5,900 square feet can easily be designed to accommodate up to 30 administrative staff with all typical ancillary spaces included.

The production/warehouse area has been developed to provide loading docks for material delivery or product shipping. The structure has been designed to provide a minimum of 24’ clear below all building structure. This height allows for stacked storage, use of lifts or installation of cranes or other industrial equipment necessary for manufacturing or assembly of large products.

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 Attachment A  General Information Document
 Attachment B  Site Document
 Attachment C  Utility Information Documents
 Attachment D  Zoning Regulations

Utility capacities are identified on the “Graphic Site Analysis”:


 Sigourney Industrial Park Includes the following: Graphic Site Analysis, Graphic Site Design, Concept Floor Plan, Concept Elevations, Concept Rendering, Construction Time-line.
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