Star Award

The Sigourney Star Award

An Annual Sigourney Area Community Service Award for 2022

The Purpose of the Sigourney Star Award is to annually acknowledge and encourage outstanding community service and leadership in the Sigourney Area.

Eligible Candidates and Criteria

  • Must be a person or a group of persons from the Sigourney area.
  • Will have provided outstanding and selfless service and leadership to community projects, community groups or individuals. 
  • Service being recognized will have occurred in the past or present. 
  • Intended to be an annual award.
  • There may be multiple winners in any one given year.

Submitting Candidates

  • The Sigourney Area Development Corporation (SADC) will manage this award program. 
  • Any Sigourney area resident may submit candidates to the award committee.
  • A Nomination Form can be picked up at the SADC office or e-mailed to you
  • Completed forms must be submitted to SADC no later than noon Friday, October 7th, 2022
  • In addition to the nominations by the community, the Board will consider other qualified nominees.

The Judging

  • The SADC Board of Directors, including the ex-officio (non-voting) member's will rate the nominees and select the best candidate(s) available for the award.
  • Nominations and judging will be kept confidential

The Award

  • A plaque will be presented to the award winner
  • A master plaque, with all the past winners’ names engraved on it, will be maintained at the SADC office.